Alan Carr's 'Chatty Man' has been axed.

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

The Channel 4 chat show host has struggled to compete with BBC rival Graham Norton in the ratings and TV bosses have decided to pull the plug on his programme after 16 seasons.

Alan told the Sun on Sunday: "I just think that the art of the chat show has evolved unless you can get the amazing guests all the time that Norton gets.

"I'll be honest with you, I don't think moving it to a Thursday was the best move. It feels like a party show, a Friday show.

"Three guests a week and Channel 4, God love 'em, extended it to 30 episodes - that's 90 guests who are relevant and people are interested in, up against the amazing Norton and Jonathan Ross.

"I've gone as far as I can with 'Chatty Man'. Won a BAFTA, won two NTAs."

However, there is good news for the star as he has landed a new show on Channel 4, 'Alan Carr's Happy Hour', which will air at 8pm on Fridays.

The show has a similar concept as 'Chatty Man' where he'll interview celebrities but without the booze, in a pre-watershed slot.

The forthcoming show will also have live music from chart-topping artists and will feature audience participation.

'Chatty Man' has always aired on Friday nights but it was moved to Thursdays earlier this year after it lagged behind in the ratings war against his competitors Norton and ITV's 'The Jonathan Ross Show'.