Alan Titchmarsh is annoyed he finds himself in the "vulnerable" category amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh

The 71-year-old gardener insists he feels fit and healthy, and cannot understand why his well-being isn't being judged on the basis of his medical history, rather than his age.

He said: "There are people in their forties less fit than I am. I think really it should be judged on your medical history rather than on your number."

Alan also slammed the decision to close garden centres across the country at the start of the lockdown.

Although the restrictions have now been eased, Alan warned that the original decision threatened an industry worth £24 billion to the economy.

Speaking to the Times newspaper, the TV presenter explained: "I'm just relieved that the government has finally understood the importance of nurseries and garden centres to anyone in possession of even a scrap of earth.

"Our gardens, balconies and window boxes have been our salvation over these last weeks.

"Garden centres will also provide a much-needed outlet for all those British growers who have had to destroy so much of their stock.

"At last their remaining plants will have homes to go to, and our lives will be all the richer."

Despite this, Alan fears that the decision to ease the restrictions may have come too late.

The former 'Ground Force' presenter said: "I hope the move has not come too late to ensure the survival of many British growers and mean that homegrown plants will have to be replaced in future years by foreign imports. Only time will tell."

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