Alex Bain credits his on-screen 'Coronation Street' parents Jane Danson and Chris Gascoyne with teaching him everything he knows about acting - after he only finished his college course last year.

Jane Danson

Jane Danson

While the 19-year-old actor has played Simon Barlow on the ITV soap since 2008, he was "never fully trained as an actor" and has learnt a lot from Jane (Leanne Battersby), Chris (Peter Barlow), Bill Roache (Ken Barlow), and Alison King (Carla Connor).

He said: "Everyone at 'Corrie' is brilliant, but especially Jane and Chris.

"I was never fully trained as an actor - I only finished my college course last year - so I've learned it all from them, really.

"From Jane, Chris, Bill, and Ali King.

"They've been my acting rocks.

"They'll say to me, 'Oh, that's brilliant,' or they'll tell me when I need to change things.

"I've always been able to talk to them if something is worrying me.

"They're wonderful people."

Alex's current storyline sees Simon mixed up with an evil drugs gang, and the actor is "honoured" to have been given the hard-hitting plot.

He added to Inside Soap magazine: "I feel honoured to be trusted with such a big storyline.

"I've had big storylines before, but this one with the drugs is the first one where I've just thought, 'This is truly all about me, and my character's struggles.'

"So I was really excited when they first told me about this story, I was all for it."

Former 'Hollyoaks' star Will Mellor was recently cast as the drug gang's leader Harvey.