Alex Miller wants to return to 'Love Island' to expose Megan Barton Hanson.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller

The hunk is keen to make a sensational return to the show so he can show that it is all a "big game" to Megan.

He told the Daily Star: "It's all a big game to Megan. She told me the reason she'd come on the show was to do more modelling. Now I've seen how deceitful she is, I'd like to go back into the villa and confront her and expose her game. Get me back in!"

It was previously revealed Megan had a secret boyfriend on the outside world - but she's since been dumped after she promised him she would be "faithful" in the villa.

The former stripper was said to be in a relationship with Team GB canoeing ace Tommy Brady, 26, after they began dating three months prior to her television gig but, although he encouraged her to enter the love shack, he's furious that she hasn't stayed true to him and has been bed hopping between men on the show.

A source said: "He and Megan called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. She told friends she was in love with him. It was getting serious. He even met her parents. When 'Love Island' came up, he was very supportive. He said she could go for her career. Megan said she'd have to at least kiss. Tommy was fine with it as long as she was sensible. But she's writhed under the covers with Eyal, snogged Wes Nelson and gone between the two. Tommy's tuned in with friends and been left looking a fool. As far as he's concerned, it's over."