Alexandra Burke feels "guilty" about her 'Strictly Come Dancing' schedule.

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

The 'Bad Boys' hitmaker is having a great time dancing with Gorka Marquez on the celebrity contest, but their gruelling rehearsals leave her with few free hours so she treasures the time she gets with boyfriend Josh Ginnelly.

She said: "On Saturday morning I texted Josh from the Strictly make-up seat, saying: 'If I get through to next week, this is the schedule they've sent me,' and he replied, 'Oh, literally no time for us.'

"As much as Josh and my family get what I'm doing, being on 'Strictly' means that I never get to really see them and I miss them. That's why last night was so important for Josh and me to have a couple of hours to ourselves."

The 28-year-old singer considered quitting 'Strictly' the day after the launch show when her beloved mother Melissa Bell passed away.

She recalled to Fabulous magazine: "I remember sitting outside the hospital and texting my manager to say: 'I don't know if I should do this.' I spoke to the producers and said: 'I'm not sure I should be here.' "

But she was persuaded to take part by her aunt Sonia, though she's been targeted by cruel online trolls over her decision to continue.

She said: "People have asked: 'How can she do this?' and said I'm obviously not upset about my mum because I've gone straight on TV. That's really upsetting to read.

"They have no idea how much this show meant to my mum and how much it meant to me to be asked to be part of it.

"Thank you for your concern but you know nothing about me, what my mum went through or what my family are currently going through."

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