Amanda Clapham and Sophie Porley have left 'Hollyoaks'.

Holly and Ellie leave Hollyoaks

Holly and Ellie leave Hollyoaks

The pair's respective characters, best friends Holly Cunningham and Ellie Nightingale, departed the village to travel the world in last night's (13.09.18) E4 episode, and Amanda admitted it has been a "pleasure" to play Holly for five years.

She wrote on Instagram: "And we're off!!! Who knows where they will end up?! So, so happy that Ellie and Holly have decided to take control of their lives and explore the World! It's the end of an Era, so much has happened!?!

"Goodbye Holly, you have been a pleasure to play for the past 5 years and I am going to miss your outfits, your tantrums, your knee high socks?!?

"But most of all your family @stephwaring @ellis_hollins @hollyoaksofficial Thank you everyone for your endless support, Hollyoaks has the best fans and I appreciate all of your time and love for Holly! Time for an adventure of my own (sic)"

Sophie - who has played Ellie since October 2015 - is "grateful" for the opportunity to portray the character and has had the "time of [her] life" in the fictional Chester village.

She tweeted: "It's true guys... GoodBye Ellie & Holly! @hollyoaksofficial

What a bloody ride that was. I have had the time of my life the last 3 years. It really is one big family, the cast and crew work so so hard to put out 5 episodes a week!

& we still love each other at the end of each day.

"I'm so so grateful for the opportunity. And thank you to each and everyone one of you that supported me and the show over the years, you guys are the best! I hope Ellie is enjoying her life of travel now All the love (sic)"

The best pal characters were both sexually assaulted by evil Nick Savage (Ben-Ryan Davies) last year.

Ellie was his first victim, but the charges were dropped when she reported him, and he went on to form a close relationship with Holly only for him to humiliate her at his graduation party and then attack her.

The hard-hitting consent story concluded when he eventually admitted to police that he assaulted the pair before being arrested and jailed.