Anna Friel came home "every night" whilst filming 'Marcella' so she could say goodnight to her young daughter Grace.

Anna Friel

Anna Friel

The former 'Brookside' star always make sure she gets to spend quality time with her 12-year-old girl - whom she has with her ex 'Wonder Woman' actor boyfriend David Thewlis - and travels back home to Windsor to tuck her in each night, and the pair always plan "little adventurous" aboard so she has something to look forward to when her mother has finished a job.

The 41-year-old actress - who previously admitted she found playing titular tortured detective DS Marcella Backland "exhausting and draining" - told The Independent newspaper: "I always make sure Grace is my priority.

"I travel back to Windsor every single night, even though she'll be in bed and hasn't finished her homework so we can have a snuggle and Mama's there in the morning and she can feel me.

"I promise as soon as I've finished filming anything we can go on little adventures, we've done Uganda together, we've done Vietnam.

"We try to choose a destination that we've never been to before and it's going to be challenging so the two of us have to work together."

Anna previously claimed that her career opportunities have been narrowed by her unwillingness to leave England.

The actress said she "sacrificed" a career in Hollywood to be the best mum she could be to her daughter.

She said: "I just love being a mum. My agents would love me to go back there [to America] but you choose a career in America or you take your child away from their father.

"I had to sacrifice that. It gets harder because I can't just accept jobs that are in England."