Anthea Turner has reunited with her estranged sister Wendy Turner Webster after spending years apart.

Anthea Turner has reunited with her sister after years of not speaking

Anthea Turner has reunited with her sister after years of not speaking

The 63-year-old presenter fell out with her younger sister, 56, - who is known as a journalist and has also worked as a television host - some years ago but the pair have now decided to put the past behind them without giving much consideration to what caused their rift in the first place.

Anthea told OK! Magazine: "We’re at that time in our lives when we’re at our closest. I believe in taking pleasure in the present and not dissecting the past.

"There is a little phrase that I love: ‘Least said, best mended.’ What happens nowadays is that everyone says: ‘We’ve got to unpack it; let’s discuss it.’ But I don’t think for every situation it’s the right thing to do."

In the joint interview, Wendy explained that she and the former former 'Blue Peter' presenter neither of them felt any need to discuss any arguments they may have had in the past and after realsing that they are now in fact "best friends" admitted that they are in regular contact with one another.

She said: "Neither of us has felt the need to discuss the circumstances and arguments that caused our years apart.

“What we realised is that we were having fun together and that we have a lot to offer as a duo. You can’t do that if you keep going over the past. I consider Anthea to be my best friend. We speak on the phone every day."

The sisters have also teamed up to pen children's book 'The King’s Coronation and the Kohinoor Diamond', which is dedicated to the animal rights group Humane Research Trust and hopes that both parents and chilkren alike will be able to relate to it.

Anthea said: "The mice have a network. There is always someone who can fix it. And, if we stand on our soapbox for a moment, it is the one thing that is falling apart in the human world. All relationships should be cherished, and I hope parents will relate to it, as well as children."

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