Anthea Turner refuses to spend a fortune on skincare.

Anthea Turner refuses to spend a fortune on skincare

Anthea Turner refuses to spend a fortune on skincare

The 63-year-old presenter feels that while it is "important" to look after her complexion, she will not spend "silly amounts" on cosmetics as she warned fans about the dangers of smoking and excessively trying to get a tan.

She told Yours Magazine: "Don't be silly with skincare I once sat next to a plastic surgeon at dinner, who said, 'If you see a woman smoking on a sun lounger, she's burning herself from the inside to the out'. It's so important to protect and nourish your skin. I watch what I eat and I exercise. We don't need to spend silly amounts on skincare. Anybody daft enough to spend hundreds on a pot of La Prairie needs a reality check! "

The former 'Blue Peter' host went on to add that she just has a modest collection of products at home for her skincare, including her very own BALM6 beauty balm which she is "really proud" of.

She added: "I have a handful of products in my bathroom, including my new beauty balm which I've just launched. It's based on

years of learning what works and what doesn't and I'm really proud of it."

Anthea previously explained that her new venture is the sole product she uses to remove her makeup at the end of the day and recommended it to those who don't have time for an extensive routine.

She said: "BALM 6 is all I use to remove my makeup and the day's grime. I rub a small amount (the size of an almond) into the palms of my clean hands. As the heat of my hands warms the mixture it quickly turns to an oil which I massage into my face. If you have the time don’t rush this process, massaging your face de-stresses, relaxes muscles and increases blood flow. Remove with a warm damp face cloth."

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