Now in the midst of its fifth season, Arrow has managed to give us a variety of characters throughout its dozens of episodes, and the series' current producer is hoping to get more female villains on board, along with the return of fan favourite character, the Huntress.

Credit: The CW

Credit: The CW

Speaking to CBR, executive producer Wendy Mericle explained: "I'd really like to see some strong female super-villains on the show. I don't know who we would want to get! There's such an embarrassment of riches in that respect in the DCU, but that's something I would definitely love to do. I'd like to use someone like, I don't know, Poison Ivy, a Batman villain who would be amazing. Someone in that vein, but someone in the Green Arrow universe would be fantastic."

She also spoke about how she'd like to see Huntress back on the show: "We would love that! She's fantastic. But again, it's always about whether it's right for the direction or whether it's right for the story at that point in the series, so we'll see."

Actor Jessica De Gouw first appeared in Arrow back in the first season as Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress. On a mission to kill her father - the villainous mob boss who was responsible for Huntress' fiance's death - she formed some brilliant chemistry with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), but had to leave the series eventually because of her violent ways.

Exactly when she'll return, if at all is still up in the air, but the fact Mericle is looking for more females going forward has to be a good thing.

Arrow continues Wednesdays in the US on The CW, and on Sky1 in the UK.

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