Ben Hardy could barely use the toilet while working on 'The Woman in White'.

Ben Hardy

Ben Hardy

The former 'EastEnders' actor donned Victorian-era attire for his role in the new BBC period drama, but the 27-year-old star struggled with his costume throughout his time on set.

Ben - who played Peter Beale in the long-running soap - told The Sun newspaper: "Going to the bathroom can definitely be tricky.

"I rarely wear anything other than trackies so wearing Victorian costume every day for three months was definitely a change of style.

"It gives you an appreciation for the effort the Victorians had to go through every morning.

"But, fortunately, I wasn't the one having to wear corsets - so I can't complain too much."

Ben's new project - which also stars the likes of Jessie Buckley, Charles Dance and Dougray Scott - is a psychological thriller that focuses on a Victorian mental institution.

Since walking away from 'EastEnders' in 2015, Ben has secured a number of coveted roles, including a part in the 2016 superhero film 'X-Men: Apocalypse' and the upcoming Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

But the actor has also previously admitted he'd be open to reprising the role of Peter - who is currently said to be in New Zealand - in the soap.

He said: "I would be down for that but it's difficult as it's trying to get away from that perception of me as Peter Beale.

"But you know if that didn't matter, I'd go back for an episode or a day, because I'm attached to that storyline."