Ben Jardine has begged fans to leave Roxanne Pallette alone.

Ben Jardine

Ben Jardine

The 36-year-old reality star has asked fans to stop trolling the 35-year-old actress after she falsely accused Ryan Thomas of being assaulting her after a play fight on this year's 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The former 'Emmerdale' star since admitted that she had "got it wrong" and told Emma Willis during her eviction interview that she was the "most hated girl in Britain", and Ben thinks everyone should move on.

Speaking to Lizzie Cundy on FUBAR Radio, he said: "I think everyone now should just get on with it. She's been punished, bless her, leave her be."

The 'Love at First Sight' star spent a lot of time with Roxanne in the reality show digs, and has admitted that he was besotted with her whilst in the house

He said: "I was taken in with her. We clicked, I'll admit that, and there was a connection. When I looked into the little one's eyes you can see a little bit of a lost soul there."

Although Ben was taken with the brunette beauty he later joked about how he wished runner-up Kirstie Alley had kept the pair away from each other.

He said: "She was always directing me in the house. I just wish she'd directed me away from Roxie every now and again."

Meanwhile, Kirstie recently revealed she told Ryan to "run" to producers after she heard about Roxanne's accusation.

She said: "My only advice to Ryan was, 'Get to the producers,' because at that time I'd heard she'd gone to the producers and gone to her manager. I go, 'You run, run, you gotta go in there and handle this now'.

"And Nick [Leeson] was a big help to Ryan, I think he was really the person who said, 'This is far beyond the scope of just having a chat or something.' "