Kenny Ireland

Kenny Ireland

Kenny Ireland is reportedly tackling cancer.

The 'Benidorm' actor, who plays the Solana hotel's resident swinger Donald, has sadly pulled out of the ITV sitcom's upcoming summer series after being diagnosed with the disease and is now focusing on his recovery.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The diagnosis was crushing for Kenny and his family. This is obviously a very difficult time for them and they are coping as best they can.

"The priority is Kenny's health. As soon as he was given the news he pulled out of the latest series of 'Benidorm' which, of course, everyone understood."

A spokesperson for Kenny declined to comment, but confirmed he wouldn't appear in new episodes of the popular show, which is about to embark on its seventh series.

The Garvey family have also checked out of the programme, with Mick (Steve Pemberton) Janice (Siobhan Finneran), Madge (Sheila Reid), and Michael (Oliver Stokes) receiving a big send off in the new season's opening episodes.

Steve recently explained: "We've left 'Benidorm'. We filmed our scenes early on this year so we're going to be in the first episode or two of the new series, but then the whole Garvey family are leaving."

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