'Benidorm' is getting two donkeys called Ant and Dec.

New Benidorm star Jason Manford

New Benidorm star Jason Manford

The ITV sitcom is welcoming comedian Jason Manford to the cast and he will be joined by the two asses who have been named in honour of the presenting duo by their Spanish owners.

And Jason, 35, and the donkeys will play a big part in the finale of the new series when a circus comes to the holiday hot spot.

The 35-year-old comedian Jason Manford is joining the cast of

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, a source revealed: "We have a hilarious climax to the series planned. It all revolves around a big top. And we are sure the real Ant and Dec will love the fact they have two donkeys names after them.

"Their owner says they are quite naughty and funny which is why he called them after the boys."

The latest series of the popular show, based at an all-inclusive hotel in the Spanish resort, is about to wrap, but viewers will have to wait until early next year to see the episodes.

Returning in the new series are popular cast members Sherrie Hewson (Joyce Temple-Savage), Jake Canuso (Mateo Castellanos)

and Johnny Vegas (Geoff Maltby ).