Bhavna Limbachia and Faye Brookes feel "like a real couple".

Bhavna Limbachia

Bhavna Limbachia

The 'Coronation Street' stars play lesbian lovers Rana Nazir and Kate Connor - dubbed Kana by soap super-fans - on the ITV show, and Bhavna admits they have grown so close since the storyline started they sometimes just "stand there and hug for a bit" when the cameras stop rolling.

She said: "I work a lot with Faye. Sometimes we're like a real couple.

"The most important thing is to let yourself really go to those emotional places. Sometimes when the director shouts 'cut' we just stand there and hug for a bit.

"We've both come on this journey together, and it's been really lovely."

Kana's relationship has been a huge hit with 'Corrie' fans, so much so they remind the actors about parts of their own storyline at times.

Speaking to the Inside Soap magazine 2019 Yearbook, Bhavna added: "I'm just so grateful that so many people are behind the storyline and the characters.

"Even if we forget things, they keep us updated. Like when it was the anniversary of Kate and Rana's first kiss, which was on screen on National Coming Out Day, the fans all reminded us on social media."

Kana recently popped the question to each other at the same time, and Bhavna admits she felt teary when she read about the proposal in the script.

She said: "It was really emotional. When I first read the script it really moved me and I texted Faye to say that I've just cried reading it!

"It was because I knew how much heart was going to go in to filming this scene so when we did come to film it we were both feeling teary.

"This is the peak in their relationship and such a pleasant surprise for both of them and it just makes both of them feel confident and complete, knowing that they are on the same page as each other."