Binky Felstead thinks exercise will help her become a better mother.

Binky Felstead

Binky Felstead

The former 'Made in Chelsea' beauty has thrown herself into exercise because she believes it will benefit her eight-month-old daughter India, whom she has with her boyfriend Josh 'JP' Patterson, and is more motivated than ever to go to the gym.

Speaking to star magazine, she explained: "I know working out doesn't just benefit me physically, it also has a huge mental impact. This year I'm more motivated than ever to get into the gym as I know it will help me become a better mum to India. I love the rush of endorphins and surge of energy after training. It sets me up for the day."

However, the 27-year-old star doesn't like to do anything too strenuous and is relying on her personal trainer Tyrone to help her get the best results.

She explained: "I couldn't train for a while after the arrival of India, but after being signed off by my doctor, I started working with my personal trainer Tyrone Brennard on a slightly modified training plan ... Nothing too strenuous, it's gradually easing me back into fitness. It always takes a while to get into a routine after a break but I'm getting back into the swing of things and can feel myself improving with each session. Tyrone's a huge believer in varying training to reduce the risk of boredom, so we train anywhere and everywhere - at home, in the park, at the gym..."

And Binky isn't bothered about looking glamorous in the gym as she prefer comfort.

She added: "You'll always find me in a pair of high-waisted leggings, loose-fitting muscle tanks and supportive footwear."

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