'Blue Peter' has been crowned the Best Children's TV Show of all time.

Peter Purves, a former Blue Peter presenter

Peter Purves, a former Blue Peter presenter

This year will be one bosses of the kids' programme - which first hit screens in 1958, making it the longest-running children's television show in the world - will never forget as not only will it celebrate its 60th anniversary in October, but it has also come out on top in a recent poll conducted by Radio Times magazine.

'Grange Hill', which was known for its hard-hitting storylines about drugs and teenage pregnancies and ran until 2008, bagged the second spot, 'Newsround' -

which is still running on screens now - brought the top three to a close.

'Tiswas', which ran from 1974 until 1982, secured the fourth position on the league table, while 'Multi-Coloured Swap Shop', 'Vision On', 'Live & Kicking' and 'Going Live!' claimed fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth place respectively.

'Play School' and 'Crackerjack' rounded off the top 10 in ninth and tenth place.

Radio Times editor Mark Frith said: "British TV produces the best programmes for children in the world - reading our list produces the most wonderful, warm memories."

Meanwhile, 'Blue Peter' has been heavily criticised in recent weeks after it became apparent that it's lost a staggering amount of viewers, but Dick and Dom are adamant the statistics must be wrong and the series is too important to be pulled off air.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Dom said: "Well I don't think the recent news about Blue Peter's ratings are 100 per cent accurate, because if we try to measure TV ratings they're not that accurate. If we measure things like iPlayer ratings, you can actually accurately measure the amount of hits that are being used on the programme, and I think that what the future is all about, so you know obviously everything is going to change, it's like comparing the amount of viewing figures you used to get for the news 20 years ago, compared to what you get for the news now, and it's half, and the more channels come about, the less viewers you're going to get for each channel.

"I don't know if it will get axed. I have no idea whether it's going to go or whether it's going to stay, we hope it does stay as it is as important to CBBC as the name CBBC, you know 'Blue Peter', and 'Newsround', and CBBC are just ingrained in that place."