Bobby Norris is taking a break from 'The Only Way Is Essex'.

Bobby Norris

Bobby Norris

The 34-year-old reality star has decided to take a step back from the ITV Be show after an explosive argument with his ex Harry Derbidge, which was aired on Sunday night (21.03.21).

He wrote on Instagram: "I am VERY sad and surprised that after 10 years the few cast members that have been around nearly as long as me have a problem in speaking up and telling the TRUTH and helping to have my back (which is a shame as I like to think that I have defended every single one of them in their various break ups and fall outs..) ... Well, NO MORE!! People’s true colours have well and truly been shown tonight.. and it is with a heavy heart that I say after 10 years on the show after next weeks episode I am taking a break from #Towie ... I just cannot be on a show with my compulsive liar ex boyfriend trying to rewrite history and ruining my life as well as turning my friendship group against me. (sic)"

During the argument, Bobby and Harry's friend Amy Childs invited the former exes to dinner together to try and settle their differences since they split.

In the conversation, Harry admitted: "I do think it's a bit strange that you two are now buddies. I'm hearing a lot about you."

To which Bobby replied: "That we've gone furniture shopping? What part don't you like?"

Harry then added: "Cause we never had a good ending. I was thrown under the bus."

Before Bobby fumed: "I don't think you can rewrite history. It's like trying to say the Titanic never sunk, saying you never cheated on me. I know you cheated on me."

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