For the first time, Greenpeace give access to their full archives in this intense and intriguing five-part docuseries focusing on the organisation and its hopes for saving the world.

Picture Credit: Sky

Picture Credit: Sky

Greenpeace is one of the biggest environmental protection organisations; the NGO (non-governmental organisation), which began its mission to put an end to the destruction of the planet 50 years ago, has fronted some of the most pivotal and impactful environmental campaigns.

From Brent Spar’s daring activities against whaling fleets to outstanding missions with hot air balloons, Greenpeace grew to be a globally well-known organisation for its peaceful – and often bold – not-entirely-legal media-effective actions.

In the upcoming docuseries, which will span five episodes, Greenpeace Inside – Mission: Saving the Planet, Sky will travel with activists for an entire year on their quest to save the place we all call home, gaining exclusive looks into the work Greenpeace do.

The filming team for the series accompany the crew of ‘Arctic Sunrise’, an icebreaker, on their journey off the coast of Africa to the eternal ice of Antarctica over a whole month; the icebreaker is also the bulk of many of Greenpeace’s incredible and clandestine campaigns.

The crew also dive head-first into the side of Greenpeace that is usually kept under wraps, including their legal campaigns, scientific work at the top level, and political lobbying at the centre of power.

Picture Credit: Sky
Picture Credit: Sky

For the first and possible final time, the organisation is allowing the team exclusive access to material that has never aired before, specially selected for the Sky Original, such as an 18,000-tape archive spanning 50 years.

As well as insights formerly unknown regarding Greenpeace, the series sees some of the organisation’s biggest critics, who seek to evaluate the role, and seemingly the relevance, of the NGO in today’s world. They question whether or not Greenpeace is with the times, and if it can carry on making holes in the media-filled world we live in.

Does the organisation have a point to prove, or are critics irrelevant as the mission to save planet Earth spurs Greenpeace on to continue the amazing work they’ve been doing for decades?

The five-part Sky Original series is produced by M.E. Works, Constantin Dokumentation; Matthias Ebel and Jochen Köstler serve as executive producers, Valentin Thurn and Florian Schneider are producers, and Nico Gammella is executive producer for Sky. David Herman has been recruited as showrunner for the project.

Greenpeace Inside – Mission: Saving the Planet, the five-part docuseries, is coming to Sky Documentaries and NOW in 2022.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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