Brendan Cole could move to Los Angeles to perform on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Brendan Cole with his wife Zoe

Brendan Cole with his wife Zoe

The dancing professional was disappointed when his contract with 'Strictly Come Dancing' wasn't renewed this year after 13 years on the show but now his old friend Len Goodman - who sits on the judging panel on the US show - may have thrown him a lifeline.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Brendan is really interested in a move over to LA to appear in 'Dancing With The Stars'. It's a real compliment that they are interested and would be a big two fingers up to Strictly who unceremoniously dropped him. He sees it as a fresh start potentially and a way to make a new career for himself. 'Dancing with the Stars' attracts massive US names and is on twice a year so financially he could be so much better off, as well as all the other opportunities it would open him up too."

The 41-year-old dancer had previously admitted he was "disappointed" to find out he had been booted off the show.

He said: "It's quite, actually, hard to talk about. The BBC haven't renewed my contract. We get contracted year upon year. They've made an editorial decision to not have me back on the show. I'm a little bit in shock. I'm quite emotional, a bit raw about it. It's done via a process of a phone call and stuff. I have had 15 incredible series on the show. I'm very proud of the whole show. It's a great team. I'm disappointed. It's very hard to talk about. It's a recent decision. I've always known this day would come. To get to this point, the BBC make the decisions year upon year. It's an editorial decision. I'm sure I'll never know the ins and outs. I'm a very strong character within the show, I have my strong views. I feel like I've made a massive difference to the show. Even though the show has a different team, I will always be one of the ones who was part of the journey who got it to where it is today. And to not be a part of that is hard."

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