Brendan Cole is reportedly convinced that 'Strictly Come Dancing' bosses will perform a U-turn on their decision to axe him.

Brendan Cole and his wife Zoe

Brendan Cole and his wife Zoe

The 41-year-old dancer's 14-year stint on the BBC show was ended in unceremonious circumstances last week, but Brendan has remained surprisingly tight-lipped since he discussed the situation on ITV's 'Lorraine' because he thinks he'll eventually be invited to return.

A source said: "Brendan has refused to criticise the BBC publicly over their move to sack him as he's certain that they'll ask him to return to the show as a pro because he's a big personality.

"But behind the scenes Brendan's attitude towards the corporation is different."

Brendan is apparently angered by the behaviour of the producers and is reported to have discussed his frustrations in private.

However, he has remained quiet about the issue in public as he still hopes to make a return to the programme.

The insider told The Sun newspaper: "He's seething that his contract hasn't been renewed and thinks the producers are running the show into the ground.

"He's trying to give the impression that he's not bitter, but deep down he's spitting feathers. He's sl***ing the Beeb off to anyone who will listen in private."

The claims come shortly after it was reported that Brendan is devastated that none of his 'Strictly Come Dancing' co-stars wished him luck after he was dramatically dropped from the show.

The dancer suffered an "extra kick in the teeth" when none of the fellow professionals took to their social networking sites to pass on their well-wishes.

A source previously said: "It's an extra kick in the teeth. Not one of Brendan's colleagues came out in support of him, and it didn't go unnoticed.

"Over the years the pro dancers have been on Twitter hundreds of times posting messages about celebrities and professionals as they've left. For no one to say anything about Brendan who has been on the show since day one felt like a real snub."

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