Brooke Vincent didn't realise she was "competitive" until she took part in 'Dancing On Ice'.

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

The 'Coronation Street' actress and her partner Matej Silecky came second on the skating contest and though she was terrified about taking to the ice before the show started, the 25-year-old star has adored every minute.

She said: "'Dancing On Ice' is the most terrifying thing I've ever done but I've loved it.

"I've learnt so much about myself as a person.

"I thought I was one of those people who wasn't competitive and would give up, but I kept pushing."

But while she was keen to win the show, Brooke admitted there were time when she wanted to "give up" because she was so exhausted juggling her commitment to the competition and her regular job on 'Corrie'.

She said: "It's not been plain sailing. It's been really hard and I'm so tired, but it's been worth it.

"There were so many times where I kind of wanted to give up.

"My team is not just me and Matej, it's my boyfriend, my family, my girls and people at work.

"I had so many people rooting for me and when I felt a bit rubbish they just picked me back up and put me back out there."

Despite occasionally receiving tough comments from the judges, Brooke never got upset.

She told OK! magazine: "I definitely saw the funny side. A lot of people were like, 'Oh my God, why don't you just say this and that?' And I think, 'Just leave it, it's fine.'

"To be honest, I'd rather have an honest critique than someone trying to make me feel better. When I did get praise on week six, it meant so much."

Brooke has played Sophie Webster on 'Corrie' since she was just nine years old so she loved the fact the show gave her the opportunity for people to get to know her away from her character.

She said: "I've never been on a reality show in my 14 years on 'Corrie'.

"For people to finally see who I am as a person, rather than my character, has been amazing. I've had so much support."

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