Brooke Vincent wants to "dip in and out" of 'Coronation Street'.

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

The 24-year-old actress - who plays Sophie Webster - took a break from the soap last year to work in theatre and while she and Helen Flanagan, who quit as her on-screen sister Rosie in 2012, will return to Weatherfield next week, she admits her return isn't going to be permanent as she wants the sort of flexibility her co-star Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter Barlow, has enjoyed.

She said: "I might be like Peter Barlow - I'm going to try and dip in and out."

But Helen - who has 18-month-old daughter Matilda with partner Scott Sinclair - is hoping to be back for longer.

She said: "I'm back for quite a while and then we're going to see how things go."

The two actresses have enjoyed being back on the cobbles as they have so much fun working together.

Helen, 26, said: "I've loved being back with Brooke. We've had most of our scenes together, so we've been having a real laugh. It's not really felt like work."

Brooke added to heat magazine: "It reminds me of when we were really young and we'd mess around and Mike LeVell [who plays on-screen dad Kevin] would give us this look. Yesterday I said to Helen, 'He's going to shout at us in a minute' and we went round the corner and he was like, 'My girls! I wouldn't shout at my girls.' I was thinking, 'Wait another two months.' "

However, Helen admits having so long away from the show has made her forget about the technical aspects of filming.

Brooke recalled: "The other day she got so flustered. We had this scene and it was freezing but they were just filming our heads so I said, 'Keep your hot water bottle on you'. But Helen got that flustered, she burnt her leg and then she spilt tea on her fluffy pink bag."

Helen explained: "I'd forgotten about the technical camera-type things, so when they say you can't see your legs, it kind of distracts me. That tea went all over my handbag."