Bruce Jones say it "really gets on [his] nerves" when people call him Les.

Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones

The former 'Coronation Street' star is best known for playing Les Battersby on the ITV soap from 1997 to 2007, but he gets frustrated when people don't use his real name nowadays, 13 years after his cobbles departure.

He said: "Les' character will never go. I sometimes say, 'My name's not Les, it's Bruce,' especially when it is just someone shouting it across the room. It really does get on my nerves."

And Bruce says he simply doesn't acknowledge people if they use his former taxi driver character's name to address him.

He is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I just ignore it. My name is not Les."

In January 2018, Bruce slammed 'Coronation Street' for going "too far" with its dark storylines, and he said at the time he couldn't watch the programme because it was "too violent".

He said: "The shootings and the stabbings went too far.

"The violence when I was there wasn't as bad as that. I just don't know why it's gone that way. I can't watch it anymore because it's too violent. It's terrible. People said to me I'm not watching anymore. They say to me 'did you watch that s**t last night?' They call it s**t and I went no, I watched some of it and turned it off. It's not good complaining to me, I can't do anything."

The show has featured a number of serial killers and explosive storylines and while Bruce acknowledged there has always been drama, he wasn't happy with the show in early 2018.

Speaking then, he said: "That was violent but it wasn't violent like the violence is in it now.

"I think 'Coronation Street' have set out to do what they're doing, they've just gone with the way the world is which 'Coronation Street' nearly always has done.

"But just because the world's gone violent, doesn't mean the feel-good TV show has to go violent. 'Coronation Street's never been violent, it's always had the comedy elements running through it - well that's not there now. I said to my wife the other day I don't know why people are pulling me and asking me 'what's happening to 'Coronation Street'?'

"I don't know what's happening to 'Coronation Street' - I wish I did."

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