Candice Brown hopes her rigorous exercise regime for 'Dancing on Ice' will help her look "banging" in her wedding dress.

Candice Brown

Candice Brown

The former 'Great British Bake Off' winner is currently taking part in the ITV celebrity ice skating competition, and has said she hopes the tough training will help her shed the pounds before she is whisked off down the aisle by her fiancé Liam Macaulay.

She said: "My body is changing. I don't measure, I don't weigh. Liam said he's noticed a massive change in me. Hopefully I can carry on. I want to look banging in my wedding dress."

The 33-year-old beauty has praised her longterm love for being supportive of her throughout her journey, which could come to an end sooner than she'd hope as she will take part in the dreaded skate-off on Sunday (14.01.18) to fight for her place in the competition.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she added: "There's a lot practice. A lot of time away but Liam is the most supportive person ever. He was during 'Bake Off'. He was my biggest cheerleader. He's the first person I went to when we finished on Sunday. He's amazing."

Candice's weight loss goal comes after she previously claimed she felt like a "hippo in a tutu" during her rehearsals for the show, as she doesn't believe she is very elegant or graceful.

She said: "You know how in Disney films when you see a hippo and they put a tutu on, and you've got all the swans and they are all graceful, and then the hippo goes 'boom, boom, boom'.

"When I put the leotard on I was like 'Oh right, okay, there she is, hippo in a tutu'.

"It's the elegance and things like that, it's so different from anything I have ever done, the performance thing, the thinking about face, arms body and then the actual skating part."