Carol McGiffin is going to have breast reconstruction surgery this year now she is cancer-free.

Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin

The 58-year-old presenter had to have one of her boobs removed after being diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2014 and she admits she refused to have an implant fitted before because she was so worried the disease would come back.

But now she's had the all-clear from doctors, Carol intends to have the operation in the coming months and she's looking forward to getting her bust back because she wants to be able to walk around naked at the home she shares with her husband Mark Cassidy with complete confidence

Making her return to ITV's 'Loose Women' on Thursday (05.07.18) for the first time in five years she told the panel: "I haven't had a reconstruction, not yet. That's another thing to do now that I can plan ahead and make plans and do things. I never stopped living, I was enjoying myself and having a good time and I wasn't depressed or in a terrible place or anything, but there was that niggling thought, 'It's going to come back so what's the point of having a long operation to have a reconstruction when it might come back in the other one and I'll be back in hospital.' Now that has passed that is something I'm going to have done this year, I want to do it because it's all part of feeling normal again, I suppose. Not feeling normal, more than anything after having cancer you don't know what normal is anymore, the more things you can do to make yourself feel normal is good ... When I get that done it will be great because then I'll really be able to walk around with no clothes on again. Which will be good! Good for me and good for Mark ... It's not all been bad, I'm still with Mark, that's all good,. He's not perfect but we're still madly in love, it's almost 10 years we've been together."

Carol also revealed that she had a facelift several weeks ago to give herself a boost and she now loves how youthful she looks since getting it done.

She added: "I had something done to my face and I feel happy with it, it just made me feel better about myself. I'm looking in the mirror happy again."

Carol confessed to her co-stars Christine Lampard, Stacey Solomon and Nadia Sawalha that although she was thrilled to back on the panel she was nervous about her return to 'Loose Women' after such a long time away.

She said: "It's five years since my last show, I'm so nervous, I'm shaking like I haven't had a drink for a week! It's odd to be really nervous because I did over a thousand shows, but it's all new and the new set is making me feel like I'm in a kaleidoscope ... But I'm really happy to be here because it's time to be back. I left under a bit of a cloud at the time, the show was changing and it was time to go. But it's now the right time to come back."