Carol Vorderman has been bedridden after testing positive for COVID-19.

Carol Vorderman has been battling COVID

Carol Vorderman has been battling COVID

The 62-year-old star gave fans a health update earlier this week after sleeping most of the weekend, and while she was on the mend on Monday (18.09.23) she was still making sure to be safe.

In a video on Instagram holding up a positive COVID test, she said: "I am speaking to you from my bed because I've got this! Yes, COVID.

"And I've slept for about two days - well, not really. And I feel great now. I feel so ready to get back to work. Anyway, I'll do another test later, hopefully it's negative.

"That's my news! And for the first time, I've put a nightie on! I thought, best do that before I did a video."

In the caption, the 'Countdown' legend joked she hadn't brushed her hair for a couple of days.

She also teased that the video could have been "something else entirely" if she hadn't found something to wear after being in bed for the weekend.

She wrote in the caption: "Covid Mamma here

Slept for what seems like two days. Ha and feel great now.

"Mind you scruff bomb here. Not brushed my hair for two days either.

"Found a nightie to put on before I did this video, thought best or it could have turned into something else entirely... lols (sic)"

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