Carol Vorderman had to keep a "straight face" when risque words appeared on 'Countdown.'

Carol Vorderman had to learn how to keep a straight face on Countdown

Carol Vorderman had to learn how to keep a straight face on Countdown

The 62-year-old star served as a presenter on the Channel 4 letters and numbers game from 1982 until 2008 and explained that in the early days, "rude words" that appeared by chance sometimes required a new take on set but admitted the whole trick to getting through it was trying not to laugh.

Speaking on the 'Off the Menu' podcast, she said: "Some [rude words] come up, and we would have to keep straight face. It's all about keeping a straight face. In the early days they would go, 'No, cut, cut, cut, and we would have to do it again. If it was allowed, we would have to re-record it and give [them] a different seven."

The former 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' contestant was replaced as the letters and numbers girl on the series by current presenter Rachel Riley and she has previously admitted that she has come up with some "really weird" combinations of letters during her time on the show.

She told The Sun: I get to chose what I put on the board on 'Countdown', the whole idea is to pull a straight face. There are some really weird stuff that comes out but that's the fun of it. Kids can watch but anyone with my kind of dirty sense of humour can watch."

During the letters round of the long-running game show - which sees contestants ask Rachel to select vowels and consonants at random so they can form the longest-possible word in 30 seconds - the presenter has been confronted with a string of potentially smutty words, including the likes of "bumh****", "perverts", "p***", "sugar t***" and "no panties."