Catherine Tate admits she "still doesn't know to this day" why Russell T Davies cast her as Donna Noble in 'Doctor Who'.

Catherine Tate and David Tennant's 'best job' is 'Doctor Who'

Catherine Tate and David Tennant's 'best job' is 'Doctor Who'

The 53-year-old actress says it’s "extraordinary" that she reprised her role as the assistant alongside David Tennant's Time Lord after 15 years during Saturday night's (25.11.23) first of three 60th-anniversary special episodes of the cult classic BBC One sci-fi series.

She told 'Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg' on BBC One: "So it's amazing to me that I'm part of this, this sort of massive conglomerate of an amazing collection of experiences I suppose, you know, television experiences. And that a character I play is, you know, sort of staked her claim in this story."

Catherine says it will forever be her and David's "best job".

She added: "I still to this day, I don't know why Russell thought it was a good idea to put me in it. I'm delighted that he did and it will always be the best job I've ever had really 100 per cent I think David and I both feel that it's 100 per cent the best job we've ever had. And to get another bite of the cherry; extraordinary."

After last night's emotional reunion in 'The Star Beast', Catherine and David, 52, will be back for the episode 'The Wide Blue Yonder'.

Showrunner Russell revealed it was actually Catherine who asked to return alongside David.

He said during a Q+A: "Catherine said, 'Oh, I've always loved Donna Noble and wouldn't it be marvellous to make some more?' And I went, ''Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,' like that. And then she asked David. She said, ''Would you make some more?'' And he said he would, in a heartbeat.

"So then she told me that and I genuinely felt honour-bound to go to the BBC and say, ''Look, these two stars have just said they would love to come back.' I knew it was the 60th anniversary coming up. Simple as that.

"So I just sent off that email about Christmas Eve or something - best Christmas present you ever had!

"All I got was a reply saying, ''Thank you. We'll think about it.'"

The three specials will wrap with 'The Giggle', starring Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker, before Ncuti Gatwa's debut as The Doctor on Christmas Day (25.12.23).