Catherine Tyldesley has threatened her husband with never seeing her breasts again - after he suggested she unblock their toilet by hand.

Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley

The former 'Coronation Street' actress took to her Instagram to share an image of a What's App exchange with her hubby Tom Pitfield, in which she joked he will be banned from seeing her assets if he didn't "retract" his "stupid" idea that she could delve into their loo with her bare hands to sift out toilet paper.

In the message exchange, Catherine wrote: "Babe toilet is BLOCKED (sic)"

Tom replied: "Get your hand down there

"Empty the paper into a plastic bag

"Job done (sic)"

But she replied: "If you EVER want to see my boobs again you'll retract that stupid suggestion. I'm a princess Tom. A PRINCESS. Ffs.... (sic)"

Catherine then joked Tom was feeling "deluded".

She added the caption: "Christ... my husband is quite clearly deluded this morning ... as IF (sic)"

While the exchange had her fans in stitches, Catherine's supporters recently shot to her defence on social media after a Twitter user questioned why she was posing for photoshoots rather than being at home with her and Tom's three-year-old son Alfie.

The social media user wrote: "Why do you feel the need to post pics and selfies of yourself online? You are a Mother and a responsible adult. How do you have time to have photo shoots etc? Don't you feel guilty seeking self gratification while your child is at home without their Mother? (sic)"

A shocked Catherine replied: "Wow... I mean I'm speechless. Is it 1950?? Mum shaming??? Really??? I have no need to justify or explain my actions to you or anyone. So much for parents empowering and supporting each other. May your heart find joy and gratitude . Blessings x (sic)"

But the Twitter user later apologised.