'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates were evacuated after a food fight got out of hand.

James Whale

James Whale

Heavy D, James Whale, Lewis Bloor, and Stephen Bear were cooking bacon when they decided to throw coffee and sugar over one another - and forgot about the meaty treat sizzling on the stove.

As a result, the pan caught fire and triggered the alarm, prompting Big Brother to tell the whole group to wait in the garden while the situation was diffused.

'Storage Hunters' star Heavy D triggered the row when he put his hand on James' head, prompting the radio host to tell him he could "look but don't touch".

Bear then poked fun at the outspoken presenter, chanting: "He's very touchy in the morning isn't he? Oooh."

James then shocked the 'Ex on the Beach' star by tipping an entire bag of coffee on his head, prompting retaliation from Bear in the form of sugar and water.

As he doused James, Bear sarcastically said: "I'm sooo sorry. I'm sooo sorry."

James then told his housemate, "That is the end alright," but the fight was cut short when the alarm sounded and the group had to get out.

While they were in the garden, James told Christopher Biggins he felt the trio had deliberately tried to provoke him.

He said: "The three lads decided that they'd pick on me. They just wanted to wind me up so I poured the ground coffee over Bear because he annoyed me.

"They would like me to just lose my temper - the game has started."

When they returned to the house, Big Brother reprimanded the housemates.

They were told: "Big Brother would like to remind you to not try and fry things in a baking tray and instead use appropriate equipment."