Charlie Brake upset ITV producers after getting drunk on tequila on 'Love Island: The Reunion'.

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake

The 21-year-old reality star - who is in a relationship with millionaire Charlie, 23 - revealed the truth behind her tears after the explosive finale on Sunday night (05.08.18) and says it was down to her boyfriend turning up "mortal drunk".

Speaking to ODE Entertainment, Ellie said: "Basically Charlie got too drunk and I was sober, is that the best way to just explain it. He wasn't just in trouble with me - we'll put it that way. He just got too drunk before 'Aftersun' basically."

Charlie joked: "We had a little tiff ... Me and Frankie had an absolute ball that day."

However, Ellie insisted she had every right to be "fuming" at him.

She added: "But it's not good when you're going on live TV, it's not what you're supposed to do. So I was fuming with him, ITV was fuming with him but we're okay - he just got too drunk."

The Geordie star was pictured tearfully leaving the 'Reunion' party alone, whilst Charlie surfaced later, leaving fans wondering if the pair had called quits on their relationship.

When Charlie was asked if Frankie was also in trouble, he admitted: "Yeah he was in trouble, I mean turning up to a live event wearing exactly the same outfit, it wasn't necessarily going to go down well.

Ellie joked: "He was mortal drunk from that day."

Charlie explained that him and Frankie Foster, 22, were hitting the shops to find an outfit for the show's last episode but they ended up in a pub where they stayed until they'd had a few too many.

Charlie said: "We ended up meeting in a pub and had a few jars. And thought it would be a great idea to wear the same outfits to the event and turned up and yeah, the producers weren't very happy."

Ellie added: "Me and Samira were both fuming. I think Frankie held it well together, you [Charlie] were drunker than Frankie which is why you weren't allowed to speak."