Chris Harper wants to continue to help victims of sexual abuse and exploitation after his 'Coronation Street' grooming storyline.

Chris Harper as Nathan Curtis

Chris Harper as Nathan Curtis

The 40-year-old star's character Nathan Curtis groomed teenager Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon), and the actor has revealed how his research for the whole has heavily influenced his charity work and career plans.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women' on Thursday (05.07.18), he said: "It was actually meeting victims which really struck me. I'm very proud to be a patron of a charity called Voicing CSA."

Chris revealed he wants to continue working with the organisation, whose animated short 'The Mouse' looks to encourage victims to speak out.

He added: "It's really difficult to come forward if you've got historical abuse, or you're being abused now, or you're afraid about someone you love being abused. It's difficult.

"There is an outlook for that but it is very hard to actually do that. Hopefully this mouse cartoon is drawing the attention to the fact you're not alone, it's not your fault and there are people out there to help."

Meanwhile, Chris also reflected on the 'Corrie' storyline itself, and praised the soap for focusing on the fact that above all else, Bethany - who was charged with grievous bodily harm after attacking a man she hallucinated was Nathan - was the victim.

He explained: "I think that's where the 'Corrie' storyline really struck a note. You have to side with Bethany. You realise that whether it was crime like violence, drugs or weapons, or the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, she was the victim the whole way through."