Chris Hughes is releasing his own memoir.

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

The 'Love Island' star - who shot to fame just 240 days after he shot into the limelight - is "very excited" to be releasing his first autobiography called 'You Bantering Me?' and has promised that it'll be jam packed with "tears, laughter, arguments and banter."

Speaking to The Sun Online, the 24-year-old hunk said: "As anyone who watched Love Island will know I'm never short of something to say! I'm very excited about getting to share my story with everyone. It's been crazy how much has happened to me in the last year and how much my life has changed. In this book I'll tell you about the full journey my life has been so far including all the tears, laughter, arguments and banter!"

Since leaving the famous villa last year, Chris has teamed up with his best friend Kem Cetinay - who he met on the show - to release their one-hit wonder 'Little Bit Leave It'.

The pair have also done their own fitness DVD 'Chris & Kem 100% Fit' and he and his girlfriend Olivia Attwood are also starring in their own reality TV show 'Crackin' On'.

But Chris' career hasn't been completely harmonious as he found himself in a very public war of words with Katie Price last year after he accused her of sending him flirty text messages via Whatsapp, which he later published on social media.

He also kicked up a fuss at the National Television Awards (NTAs) in London last week when he shouted at Olivia - who he met in the villa - for talking to some other guys.

Olivia, 26, said: "Chris was upset that he didn't see much of me in the evening but I was chatting to new people and taking in the night. So when he saw me he started shouting, I was quite embarrassed as people got out their phones to film it!

"His management managed to stop him from shouting so it was blown out of proportion really. I don't think he is a good drinker!! I did remind him today that he does shout in public and I did say that he needs to not do that."