Chris Hughes wants to become a major movie star.

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

The 'Love Island' hunk has dabbled in a number of different ventures since he left the famous villa last summer, but he has admitted his next goal is to become a big shot in the US and he's convinced he's got what it takes to be the next Jason Statham.

He explained: "I've always wanted to be an actor, I don't know why. I guess even more so now being in front of the camera. But you have to be unbelievable, gone to acting school and have a bit behind you. I ain't got any of that but I would like to. Potentially, I wouldn't mind getting into it if there was a little role for me somewhere.

"The aim would be Hollywood, wouldn't it? They love a British boy don't they? I don't know, I do like soaps, I do watch soaps, it's something easy to watch. I haven't really given it much thought, who knows what the future holds?'

"You know what I think you're right, I think I could [be the next Jason Statham]. We'll get Spielberg on it, drop him a little message."

And the 25-year-old star is certainly racking up his camera experience and he and his girlfriend Olivia Attwood - who he met in the house last year - have been shooting their own reality TV show 'Crackin' On' as they give fans an insight into their lives.

Speaking to the Mail Online, he said: "I just want people to enjoy it. We never hide our emotions, that's why people can see parts of their relationship in ours because we don't cover stuff up. It is what it is with us. We have fun at times and we argue sometimes but that's just us. We're working on it, we're always working on solutions to make things smoother but we're quite fiery people."

Some fans have claimed their turbulent relationship is "fake" because they're so on and off but Chris is adamant him and Olivia are very much in love.

He explained: "We wouldn't argue all the time if it wasn't real because you just wouldn't go to that level of emotion. We wind each other up, we push each other's buttons. We kind of ignore it, everyone thought when we came out of 'Love Island' that it was fake then but we've proved a lot of people wrong.

"We're seven months into our relationship now. We're passionate people. You get a lot of couples who fight and pretend everything is fine then tweet that "my boyfriend bought me flowers, what an amazing boyfriend" and that's fake in my opinion.

"You've just had a blow out with your boyfriend, you're not going to start professing to him on your social media and pretend that everything is alright. We don't care what other people think of our relationship, all we care is about what each other think."

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