Chris Kamara broke down in tears as he recalled feeling "ashamed" of speech disorder.

Chris Kamara felt 'ashamed' of his speech disorder

Chris Kamara felt 'ashamed' of his speech disorder

The beloved 65-year-old pundit was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 2021 and then apraxia of speech - a kind of condition affecting the body's ability to perform natural motor functions - which has subsequently seen him step down from his broadcasting commitments.

Appearing on ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' on Thursday (09.11.23), he said: "I thought that defined me, I get upset talking about it because I was in denial, I was ashamed that I couldn't speak.

"I didn't want to a burden, I've spent my life looking after my family, and I don't want to be in a position where they have to look after me, but they would love to… I realised how wrong I was."

Host Susanna Reid comforted the former Sky Sports presenter - who recently released new memoir 'Kammy: My Unbelievable Life' - and offered some words of support.

She added: "You've got nothing to be ashamed of, honestly. Let me just take your hand. You've done so much to inspire other people.'"

Kammy previously revealed how Susanna's co-star Ben Shephard convinced him to open up about his diagnosis on 'GMB' in March 2022.

He said: "I'm so glad Ben talked to me about doing GMB because in many ways, I'd say I'm 70% better since that day.

"Acceptance was the hardest thing but now I've got this clear determination to help other people with speech conditions."

Appearing on the show again today, he gave a "big thank you" to his friend, who went over and hugged his pal.

Ben quipped: "Laura can we get the weather now please? This is really embarrassing."