Christian Slater is set to start in a new Disney Channel show entitled 'Milo Murphy's Law'.

Christian Slater's character Elliot Decker

Christian Slater's character Elliot Decker

The 47-year-old actor will voice Elliot Decker, the arch-nemesis of the titular Milo Murphy - voiced by Grammy-winning satirist Weird Al Yankovic - in the upcoming animated series which will air on the Disney Channel starting April 3.

'Milo Murphy's Law' follows the story 13-year-old Milo, a descendent of the Murphy's Law namesake and the personification of the law which says anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Elliot Decker is a volunteering school crossing guard and "self proclaimed Safety Tsar" who spies on Milo as the boy embarks on turning catastrophe into adventure, as Elliot believes him to be a danger to the other people in the city.

Speaking about his role in a promotional video, Christian said: "Elliot Decker, the self-proclaimed Safety Tsar, is certainly a guy who is dealing with Milo Murphy. It's difficult and challenging as that kid is always getting into some kind of trouble. I'm doing everything I possibly can so that he doesn't cause any problems."

Christian also says he is a "huge fan" of Elliot's look in the show, as the animated character sports sunglasses and a mullet style haircut.

Other members of the voice vase include Sabrina Carpenter, Vanessa Williams, MeKai Curtis, and Ming-Na Wen.

The programme has been created by 'Phineas and Ferb' creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh, who will also lend their voices to futuristic time travellers Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish.

'Milo Murphy's Law' airs on Disney Channel every Monday from April 3.

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