Claude Littner has "never" made an impulse purchase.

Claude Littner

Claude Littner

The 69-year-old star - Lord Alan Sugar's aide on business reality show 'The Apprentice' - claims he is so careful with how he spends his money that he hasn't ever been tempted to splash out on something he wants on a whim.

The former Tottenham Hotspur chief executive said: "I never make impulse purchases. There's nothing I need. I make impulse investments.

"I invest in shares or businesses, or in people where I think I have some appropriate knowledge and take a punt on it - and most of them have been successful. I'm very careful with what I do."

Claude is so cautious with his finances he insists there is "nothing" in life he wants to buy for himself, but is quite happy to splash cash on his kids and grandchildren.

He said: "There's nothing I want to spend my money on. I'm keen to provide for my children and grandchildren but there's nothing I want to buy.

"I take a long time to study the various opportunities, interest rates, markets and risks and I regard that as an interesting challenge. I enjoy it. It's part of what I regard as my responsibility, which is to preserve my wealth and do good along the way. In society today, there are lots of people who want things they can't afford and buy things on credit cards.

"The most common mistake is people overstretch themselves. It's one of the ills of society that people are allowed to get into debt with things like payday loans, and my heart bleeds for people who have got themselves into a mess and don't know how to get out of it."

While Claude is unfazed by fortune, he has always been a passionate businessman, even in his early years when he used to buy sweets and sell them on to his pals for a profit.

He added to Metro newspaper: "I used to buy a quantity of gobstoppers for a halfpenny and sell them to my friends for a penny.

"Then I'd have a stamp club with my friend. We'd collect stamps, put them in a book and sell them to friends for a profit, so I've always liked business. I put the money in a bank account and I enjoyed seeing the interest grow."