Coleen Nolan was reduced to tears as she discussed her sisters Anne and Linda's cancer diagnoses on 'Loose Women'.

Coleen Nolan

Coleen Nolan

The 55-year-old star admitted there have been some "terrible" days since they were diagnosed with cancer, with their sister Bernie having died from breast cancer in 2013.

Coleen shared: "The news came after such an incredible time we had. You know with the 'Nolans Going Cruising'.

"Then two weeks later this devastating news hit us.

"But as usual with my sisters, they just, obviously devastated but then just went for it battling it and are still battling it and nearly at the end of their chemo.

"I think Anne has one left and Linda has two. But, it's very difficult for me to sit at home and cry and feel sorry for myself when I see them being so stoic and still laughing.

"Obviously they have terrible days when they are incredibly ill and it's really hard because I just can't go and see them. I can't just go and wrap my arms around them and it's heartbreaking."

Coleen told the 'Loose Women' panel how her sisters are currently faring, as she wiped away tears.

She said: "Linda is devastated about the hair loss, bless her. She feels guilty and thinks people think she's being vain."

Meanwhile, Coleen thinks she's been fortunate to have the support of her family and friends through the situation.

The TV star - who has Shane, 31, Jake, 27, and Ciara, 19 - explained: "I am very lucky because I have my children who get me through everything.

"And my family, we have a WhatsApp group going, we speak all the time and you get to a place when you think 'We have got to get through this.'"

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