'Come Home' won't return for another series.

Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston

The gritty three-part BBC drama came to an end last night (10.04.18) in a surprising manner as warring estranged couple Marie (Paula Malcomson) and Greg (Christopher Eccleston) agreed to joint custody of their children following a showdown in the Family Court but, although it received rave reviews from viewers, the show's writer Danny Brocklehurst is adamant he won't be writing a follow up.

Speaking to the RadioTimes.com, he said: "I think we have tied up all those loose ends. It comes to a complete place which I am very satisfied by. You feel something at the end. In a world where so many shows leave their endings hanging, that feels completely satisfying. I hate things when they are left open. I am so proud that another show, one we have done for Netflix, 'Safe', ends and comes to a complete stop, a satisfying end. Some stories can carry on but some stories should just end. It's a mini-series, so just end it and do something else."

Fans were glued to the edge of their seats from the very first episode when Marie left the family home, abandoning her three children and husband, without any warning.

Throughout the three episodes, fans begin to unravel the reason as to why Marie left - learning at the end that Greg had lied about having a vasectomy so that they could have another baby - but Danny insists there was never going to be a "big reveal."

He explained: "We didn't want to provide simple answers. There is no one big reason why Marie left. Certainly the vasectomy was important, but I hope this shows that it takes a thousand cuts to destroy a marriage. There isn't just one reason. We said to the BBC from very early on: we're not waiting for a big reveal to explain why she left. I wanted to do something that felt more truthful to the research we had done on women who leave like this and marriages that go wrong."