Daisy May Cooper struggled to control her character's horse on new show 'The Witchfinder'.

Daisy May Cooper struggled to control her horse on set of upcoming comedy The Witchfinder

Daisy May Cooper struggled to control her horse on set of upcoming comedy The Witchfinder

The ‘This Country’ star will be playing Thomasine in the upcoming BBC comedy alongside Tim Key, but she found it tough to get equine Bram under control on the show and jokingly branded the four-legged beast a "little b*****d" and the "biggest a*****e" in the cast.

She said: “There is a horse called Bram and he is a little, well I’m swearing, he’s a little b*****d. Basically, he’s so intelligent this horse that I have to ride. Between takes he goes to eat the grass and the trainers will say, 'No Bram, just wait until we’ve finished the scene then you can eat the grass.'

"This horse pretends to itch his leg and then last minute will just like go and grab a bit of grass. That blows my mind. And he knows that I’m an amateur rider because I had never ridden horses until this show and he knows it, so he’ll start playing up and start being a bit of a bugger, cause they’re just so bloody intelligent. The biggest a******e in this cast is a horse.”

The new show will follow the story of a Witchfinder (Tim Key) and his captive (Daisy May Cooper) on a trip throughout England that’s been ravaged by civil war, famine and plague.

Daisy, 35, teased fans they can expect some “amazing” cameos from stars including ‘Eric and Ernie’ star Daniel Rigby, ‘The League of Gentlemen’ actor Reece Shearsmith, and 'The Royle Family' legend Ricky Tomlinson, among others.

She added: “We’ve got amazing cameos. We’ve got Jessica Hynes, who has got these dodgy teeth made and she looks completely mental and she’s just one of the funniest people.

"She makes this character of Myers, just, I mean she’s made it her own, and it’s mad, and it’s brilliant.

“You’ve got Daniel Rigby playing Hebble and he’s just such a brilliant actor, really funny, and I quite fancy him a bit. Do you know what? It's really funny, all of the crew really fancy him. Because of his hair, it’s the long wig that he wears. For some reason it’s the wig and the cloak, there’s something very appealing about it.”

'The Witchfinder' (6 x 30’) launches on March 8th on BBC Two and will be available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.