Dame Esther Rantzen plans to run around her garden naked to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Dame Esther Rantzen

Dame Esther Rantzen

The 80-year-old star marked her 50th and 80th birthday by running around her garden with just a few accessories on - like a hat and a necklace - and for her upcoming milestone birthday, she plans to mark the occasion in the same way as the "weather is always gorgeous" in the summer.

She said: "When I was 50 I run around the garden only wearing a hat and a necklace. When I was 80, if course I wasn’t wearing a dressing gown, I wasn’t wearing anything.

"I might have been wearing a hat, but I wore nothing! For 90, same old, same old, I quite like running around in the nude on my birthday because my birthday is at the end of June and the weather is always gorgeous. I suppose I’ll do the same as I’ve done before.

"I believe in repeating a god experience. Even when I was little we always would have birthday parties and my poor sister’s birthday is in February and it always had to be cancelled because there was fog, or snow, or ice. She ought to have had an official birthday, maybe that is why she now lives in Australia."

And Esther admits that she's a "natural nudist".

Speaking on the My Wardrobe Malfunction podcast, she added: "Clothes rarely make me feel wonderful because I always now that other people would look better than me in whatever it is, if it’s nice. I am a natural nudist, and the more clothing that I can thrown away and gamble in the sunshine in the grass and smell the roses and have a lovely time not wearing much. That’s why I’ve got a garden with lots of trees that shields me from passing onlookers. That’s my ideal to lie in the grass not hearing much.”