Dan Edgar still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Amber Turner.

Dan Edgar

Dan Edgar

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star has admitted that he is not over his former love and is devastated after she decided to go on a date with the show's newcomer Dean Ralph.

Speaking to Chloe Sims and Lauren Pope on the ITVBe reality TV show, he said: "I can't say nothing can I?... For me to get that annoyed the other night..

"It obviously means there's feelings there for me and Amber, which started making me be a bit different with the past week...

"Not really being myself. The past week I haven't seen her that much.

"It has been a bit weird and I felt I have been a bit different with it.

"So for me to say it's nothing, I'm fine about it, it's not true."

Dan and Amber started dating soon after she joined the reality TV show, when she ditched her boyfriend of four years, Jamie Reed.

However, Dan reported cheated on the beauty in Ireland with a mystery woman.

Although their relationship has been over for some time, Amber previously revealed she still had feelings for him.

She said: "It's been over a year with us but I'm not going to say there aren't feelings there, but I can't do it anymore.

"I was having a conversation with one of the new girls and he came into the conversation and it just didn't go down well.

"Things have just got so toxic between us and I'm just so done with the situation."

Speaking about throwing a drink over him, she quipped: "A cup fell out of my hand and it may have had liquid in it. You think a lot of it is played for dramatics but everything I've talked about is real life."