Dan Whiston believes that Perri Kiely could perform in his skating show after 'Dancing on Ice' because his routines are so good.

Dan Whiston

Dan Whiston

Dan is the show's creative director and previously won the competition three times as a professional - with Gaynor Faye, Hayley Tamaddon and Beth Tweddle respectively - and feels that the 'Diversity' star could carry on ice skating at a very high level that people would pay to watch.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about the future prospects of the contestants, the 43-year-old former 'Dancing On Ice' competitor said: "You spend so much time on ice, even though it's just a reality show, you are learning a skill and that skill can go for the rest of your life.

"The standard of some of these guys, they could do a show. Perri is in a place where potentially he could do a show, this could open doors for Perri. The kind of skating we are churning out, don't be surprised to see them on the ice in another show."

Dan also praised Joe Swash and Ben Hanlin for the progress they have made during the series and suggest the pose a threat to Perri, who is favourite to win the competition.

He said: "Obviously Perri started out as the front runner and he is amazing. However, I am really excited about Joe Swash, I think he's a bit of an underdog in the show. I think it could go any way, I don't think its cut and drawn yet."

Dan is also excited about the winner of the 'Dancing on Ice' being decided by the public as it keeps the show's finale exciting.

He commented: "It's the last chance now, the semi-final, whoever puts on the best performance will go on to the final. The thing I like about the final is that it's a public vote, obviously the judges will have their say, but the decision of who wins Dancing On Ice 2020 will be the public's decision. It's really exciting because it could go either way."

The 'Dancing on Ice' final airs on ITV on Sunday (08.03.20).