The 'Dancing on Ice' studio roof has "holes in it" after it was battered by Storm Eleanor.

Alex Beresford

Alex Beresford

The skating show is set to launch this weekend on ITV, but bosses are in a frantic rush to get maintenance in to repair some damage to the building after 100mph winds and torrential rain lashed against the studio in London last night (04.01.18).

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' today (05.01.18), weatherman Alex Beresford - who is taking part in the show - said: "During storm Eleanor, the side of the studio actually came off. When I got to the studio yesterday, if you looked up you could actually see the sky - it's got holes in it.

"Hopefully when we go there today it'll be fully fixed and we'll be alright for Sunday."

And, although the 37-year-old hunk has been training for the competition for the past three months, he's only skated once on the official rink and has admitted it's "scary."

He explained: "It was scary, there are no's getting real now. The training is brutal, it's so hard. It's harder than we expected. We're training five, six days a week. You're always on your knees and get lower and so your thighs are always in tension.

"So my thighs are hurting... my groin, I've got a bit of a groin injury, so I'm just trying to take it easy. I used to rate myself and think I could skate a little bit.

"I used to ice skate weekly when I was a lot younger in school, then I stopped and I'd only ice skate at Christmas when the ice rinks pop up."