Danny Dyer has compared 'EastEnders' filming to 'Game of Thrones'.

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer

The 43-year-old actor - who has played Mick Carter on the BBC soap since 2013 - has opened up on the similarities between the HBO fantasy epic and shooting scenes on Albert Square during the pandemic.

Appearing on 'Redknapp's Big Night Out', he said: "Usually you'd use CGI if you're in 'Game of Thrones'. There is a pay-off, here is a f****** dragon!

"We're doing CGI to stand next to someone in the f****** cafe!"

Although it's a world away from Westeros, the Beeb team have used "tennis balls" to stand in for actors and find away around filming restrictions.

Then, they're edited out and replaced with the other cast member in post-production.

He added: "I'm saying lines to a tennis ball while the other actor is shouting their lines from off-set.

"I f*** off. I become a tennis ball, and the other actor stands there!

"I shout the lines out, and they put it together, it’s like, ‘Oh f*** me, look at them two standing together in the cafe!' "

However, using tennis balls to stand in for other characters does provide its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to the soaps more meaningful moments.

Danny said: "There's a lot of emotional scenes in 'EastEnders'. So, you're sobbing your heart out to a tennis ball!"

He's appearing on tonight's (06.05.21) episode of 'Redknapp's Big Night Out', and host Harry is excited to make a cameo in the soap.

The football manager - who has been married to wife Sandra since 1967 - recently said: "It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to be in 'EastEnders', so I’m over the moon to be making a special cameo this summer.

"With a nod to the Euros, it’s a lovely fit and as a proper East Londoner it’s been so much fun.

"Sandra’s a huge fan, she watches it every day so it’s a real special moment for the whole family!"

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