David Tennant says his latest role has affected the way he feels about fatherhood.

David Tennant

David Tennant

The 47-year-old star appears alongside his fellow former 'Doctor Who' co-star Jessica Hynes in new BBC Four comedy-drama 'There She Goes' - which tells the story of raising a girl with severe learning disabilities - and he has called for there to be more dramas about parenting.

David - who has three kids, Olive, seven, Wilfred, five, and three-year-old Doris, with wife Georgia Moffett, as well as her son Ty, 16, who he adopted - said: "I'd defy anyone with children not to see moments of what it's like to be a parent within the series.

"It makes you wonder how you'd react in that particular set of circumstances ... but it also makes you wonder about the ways you might have reacted in your own life as a parent, about the times you got it wrong and the times you got it right.

"It's only since I've become a parent that I've thought, 'Why are there not more dramas about just being a parent?' "

David and Jessica play Simon and Emily, the mum and dad of nine-year old daughter Rosie - who is portrayed by 'The Royals' star Miley Locke - and the 'Broadchurch' actor admits it is "hard to know" if the show will make him a better dad.

He said: "I think it's hard to know ... It's one of the constant questions about acting, or when you spend a bit of time in someone else's shoes.

"Does it rub off on you, does it make you a different human being?"

David was moved when he read the screenplay, penned by Shaun Pye, whose daughter was born with a rare chromosomal disease in 2016, and he respects the screenwriter's honesty.

He added to Radio Times magazine: "It's such raw, human stuff, I felt a huge responsibility, especially with Shaun in the room when we did the-read through."

Shaun added: "The central message is that although getting this news about your daughter is on that list of things that you never want to hear in your entire life, for this particular family, it's going to be all right."

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