Davina McCall says 'The Masked Singer' will be harder than ever next year.

Davina McCall says new season of  'The Masked Singer' will be harder than ever next year

Davina McCall says new season of 'The Masked Singer' will be harder than ever next year

The 54-year-old TV presenter – who joined the panel of the ITV show in 2020 – is returning for the programme's third season in 2022, and she has warned viewers to expect a trickier time trying to guess which celebrities are inside the wacky costumes.

She said: "The difficulty level is off the charts. It’s so much harder this year than it ever has been.”

The hit ITV show, which is set to return on New Year’s Day (01.01.22), will see 12 mystery celebs dressed up in colourful outfits ready to sing for the judges, who will try to correctly identify the performer before they’re unmasked.

Davina added: “The clues are much harder, but I think the production team want to make it harder because it’s entertaining.

“I have come to realise that it is more fun watching someone get unmasked when you don’t know, because you’re so excited to find out who it is.

“So it’s a win/ win for me. It’s a win if you get it right but it’s also a massive win if you don’t, because you think, ‘Who is it? I have no idea’.

“There are a lot in this series who I don’t know who they are. I felt a bit of pressure to get it right in the first couple of series, but now I’ve realised part of the fun is not knowing.”

Fellow 'Masked Singer' judges Jonathan Ross, 61, and Rita Ora, 31, both agreed with Davina that it was harder to guess the singers in the new series.

She said: “It’s hard for me now because the mystery singers are adjusting their accents and their singing voices, which is what I always rely on.”

And according to Mo Gilligan - who replaced Ken Jeong on the panel in the second series - contestants are upping their game as they’ve seen the show and as a result, they are distorting their voices to remain undetected.

Mo, 33, added to The Sun newspaper: “They might put on an accent to throw us off. They’re even changing the way they sing now.

“People are really upping their game to not be sussed out so soon.”