Davood Ghadami says Aston Merrygold's shock exit from 'Strictly Come Dancing' has been a "wake up" call for the other contestants.

Davood Ghadami

Davood Ghadami

The former JLS singer had previously been one of the favourites to win the BBC Latin and ballroom dance competition before the voting public placed him in the dance-off and he was sent home by the judges on Sunday's (05.11.17) show.

And fellow contestant Davood - who found himself in the dance-off earlier in the show but was saved by the judges - has said the decision to send home a former favourite has made all the remaining celebrities realise that no-one is safe.

The 'EastEnders' star - who is dancing with professional partner Nadiya Bychkova

- said: "I think it wakes everybody up to what this is about, it's a competition and someone has to go and it could be anyone.

"We've been there, we've been in the dance off and we know what it's like, it's really not nice. It was my best score and we ended up in the dance off so we know that anything can happen at any time, so it's only when that Sunday show has finished you can go 'right onto the next week'.

"Up until that point, it doesn't matter ... you could have all 10s or all 1s it could all completely change."

With Aston's exit, another pair has a chance to make it to the final, but 35-year-old Davood insists he isn't looking too far ahead.

Asked if he thinks he can make it to the final now that Aston has been voted off the show, Davood told The Sun Online: "I'm genuinely not thinking like that at all, there's no strategy, it's just thinking about Aston going.

"All it does for me is make me realise that it comes down to enjoying every dance, finding something you can enjoy.

"I didn't do [the show] going 'I'm going to win', it's learning something new and enjoying every step along the way."

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