Dawn French wishes she could "screw off" her huge "bouncy" breasts.

Dawn French shares her boob struggles

Dawn French shares her boob struggles

The 64-year-old comedian - who is married to charity executive Marl Bignell and was previously wed to Comic Relief founder Lenny Henry – has gigantic 42G boobs and although she is "very fond" of them, the sheer size of her mammaries do cause her problems in her day-to-day life.

Speaking on the 'Finding the Funny' podcast, she shared: "I’m very, very fond of my t***, I love them, I’ve very fond of them, they’re big, they’re bouncy, they are a little playground for me and others to enjoy but I sort of wish they could screw on and screw off. So you can have them when you need them, or when they’re desired. "

Listing the things her boobs stop her from doing, she added: "I haven’t been able to do running since I was about six when they turned up. I’ve never been able to wear a spaghetti strap dress because I have to wear a big thick bra."

Dawn also has to live in discomfort because she cannot find a bra that can contain her bountiful bosom without causing her discomfort.

She said: "Nobody, but nobody, makes a bra that is comfortable, nobody. I’ve tried all of them. I’ve tried expensive ones, cheap ones, the ones that they say are miracle ones, the non-wire, the under-wire, every evening I want to get it off me.

"There are just days when I wish they weren’t there and other days when I’m very glad they are."

'The Vicar of Dibley' star - who first found fame as one half of a comedy double act with Jennifer Saunders - also has an issue with excessive breast sweat and she has to apply talcum powder underneath each boob each morning to prevent any chaffing and skin irritation.

She said: "I need talcum powder. Everybody who has big t**** knows this ... I can’t go without it."